Steam and the Mods: The New Contents of the Workshop Must Be Approved by the Moderators

Prototype, Ride 2 and Steep Among the Offers of the Steam Week

Based on the increasing number of reports received from modders on the main videogame sites and forums, Valve’s top management would have made the publication of the content on Steam Workshop more restrictive.

Since its launch in January 2008, the Workshop platform integrated into the Steam client has allowed millions of amateur developers to share their mods with the rest of the community through a rather fast procedure and without any limitation or “censorship” of sort, if not a posteriori after a control of the Steam moderators that could take place on the recommendation of the other users.

The latest changes made by Gabe Newell’s software house , recently discovered by Counter Strike Global Offensive modders and confirmed by many other amateur developers, have instead introduced a two-factor certification system that provides, from now on, confirmation of the identity of the author of the mod and, above all, the preventive control of a Steam moderator who will be responsible for endorsing, or denying, the authorization to publish the contents in question.

The change of policy implemented by Valve, in the intentions of the US gaming giant, should guarantee an improvement in the service and the end of the so-called “mod spam“, like the fake free skin packs of CS: GO. Speaking of mods, have you listened to the new songs by The Witcher 3 recently added by modders to the soundtrack of the CD Projekt masterpiece?