The Outer Worlds and the Future: Does Microsoft Aim to Create an Exclusive Series?

The Outer Worlds

During the last episode of the GI Show, the editors of Game Informer asked Matt Booty what he thinks of The Outer Worlds: the answer given by the boss of Xbox Game Studios has confirmed Microsoft’s willingness to make the new GDR action of Obsidian the first chapter of a successful franchise.

When Booty was asked if the next intellectual property of Obsidian Entertainment is destined to become a series, the man at the head of the ever-growing family of software houses gravitating around Xbox Game Studios said that “yes, I think it can be the kind of game we can build a lasting franchise in. From what we’ve seen, my hope is that with The Outer Worlds we’ll be able to start something that is destined to grow and expand in the future”.

In remarking the concept, Matt Booty then stated that “I think it’s a great universe and that(the guys from Obsidian, ed) have created something that may need a franchise to grow further and support the weight of such an IP. I wonder: how will it be able to stand the test of time? Looking at it, we understand that it is a great narrative game, but also a group of characters immersed in a universe big enough to accommodate new content and stories, a bit like what was done with Halo and that I love so much. It can evolve and support all types of fiction, fiction, and comic book series. 

The release of The Outer Worlds is scheduled for October 25 on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox, with the Switch version destined to land on Nintendo’s hybrid console, hopefully, later this year. Only after marketing, and after careful analysis of launch sales, will we find out if Matt Booty’s (and presumably Obsidian’s) ambitions will be confirmed in the creation of an exclusive Microsoft franchise.