A Class Action against Fortnite due to the theft of some users’ data

Fortnite X

After the theft of data on Fortnite against some users a few months ago, Epic Games could soon face a class action from those same players. A US law firm is, in fact, gathering customers to sue the software house accused of negligence in handling the situation.

According to the accusation, Epic would have solved the vulnerability in its security systems two months after the problem was discovered, which meant that various sensitive data from users affected by the problem became public knowledge.

“Fortnite players affected, have suffered ascertainable losses, having received fraudulent charges on their credit or debit cards, and have had to take exceptional security measures, some of them at their expense, to minimize the risk of data theft, including canceling credit cards associated with their Epic Games / Fortnite accounts, and changing passwords for those accounts, “ reads the release of the law firm. “In addition, there are no guarantees that the above measures adequately protect their personal information. Fortnite users, therefore, have an interest in making sure their data is protected from past and future cyber threats.”

According to the source, the law firm has already recruited more than 100 members for the class action which seems, therefore, more and more likely. Meanwhile, a new threat to Fortnite could be represented by an app, Fortnite Pocket Manager, which would have access to user data. Epic Games has recommended not to install and use Fortnite applications produced by third parties.