Anthem seems like a title next gen thanks to 4K, Ray Tracing and Reshade

Anthem: Bioware Breaks the Silence, but Postpones the Cataclysm Event

Do you want a taste of what the next generation of stocks could be like? Then you can’t miss this new Anthem movie, which looks like a completely different game thanks to the use of various graphic mods.

In addition to the high resolution (the user probably uses a 3840×1080 pixel ultrawide monitor), Nvidia’s Ray Tracing was also applied to the game with the addition of the Reshade mod, which improves the lighting system and, consequently, the stroke ‘eye. The result is truly incredible despite the numerous and showy declines in framerates mainly due to the combined use of Ray Tracing and Reshade. The MasterGames TV user has not included in the video additional information such as a frame indicator per second or the list of components installed on the machine that is performing this small miracle.

Before leaving you to the video in question, we remind you that the Anthem Cataclysm has finally abandoned the PTS and is now available for all PC and console players. WETA Workshop also announced at the San Diego Comic Con 2019 the new statues of the Strali di Anthem, coming soon.