Apex Legends: Bloodhound becomes a gladiator in the Iron Crown event

Apex Legends 2

The official debut of Iron Crown, the highly anticipated limited-time event of Apex Legends thanks to which it will be possible for the first time to enter the fray in Solo mode, is just over 24 hours away. To celebrate the arrival of the event, Respawn has just released a short video featuring the new Bloodhound skin.

During Iron Crown, it will, therefore, be possible to unlock the new legendary Centurion costume for the technology hunter, which will turn it into a kind of gladiator. Just like the Pathfinder skin of the event, we still don’t know the precise details on how to get these contents. It is unlikely that they are all linked to challenges to be completed during the event and some of these should only be available exclusively in the game store and can be purchased through Apex Coin.

Waiting to discover all the other exclusive contents arriving with the event, we remind you that Iron Crown and Solo mode will be available starting from late afternoon tomorrow, 13 August 2019, to 27 August next.

Before leaving you to the introductory video of the Bloodhound skin, we invite you to take a look at the new Funko Pop by Apex Legends.