Control: The Microsoft Store Reveals the Weight of Remedy’s New Metroidvania


A few weeks after the launch of Control, the new update of the Microsoft Store card dedicated to Remedy’s ambitious Metroidvania seems to finally reveal the amount of GB needed to install the game on Xbox One.

The important data on the size of the game, in fact, was not communicated by the Finnish team when announcing the minimum and recommended requirements of Control, consequently, the information offered by the official Microsoft store helps to clarify this point.

To want to pay attention to the Control card that can be consulted in the American Microsoft Store, at the next Sam Lake digital epic we will have to reserve exactly 33.74GB of data on the hard drive of our Xbox One. As often happens in these cases, the version intended for PS4 users and the one downloadable on PC exclusively on Epic Games Store should not deviate much from this data, without however considering the inevitable post-launch updates that will contribute to “weigh down” the game and to request a greater quantity of GB on the hard disk of your favorite platform.

Waiting to receive a clarification from Remedy Entertainment in this regard, we leave you reminding all future emulators of Jesse Faden that Control’s paranormal epic will officially begin on August 27th on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.