Fortnite: Ninja Explains Why He Left Twitch to Land on Microsoft Mixer

Ninja's Debut on Mixer

Through his brand new (and already incredibly popular ) channel on Mixer, Tyler “Ninja” Blevins tried to illustrate the real reasons that prompted him to abandon Twitch permanently to land on the videogame streaming portal of Microsoft.

As Dexerto’s colleagues report, on August 10th the most famous Fortnite personality in the world watched a short animated video made by his fans to retrace his most successful moments on Twitch, such as the Livestream with Drake and the Ninja show to celebrate the incredible milestone of 10 million followers of its now ex-Twitch channel which, curiously, is currently being used by its operators to advertise other streamers.

The fan-made video ended with a sarcastic scene with the protagonist of the Mixer logo intent on flooding the animated version of Ninja with banknotes, thus suggesting that the gain made by Mixer (and therefore by Microsoft) was the real cause of his departure from Twitch.

Once the movie was finished, Ninja laughed heartily and, quickly returning to the delicate issue of switching from Twitch to Mixer, he wanted to point out that “I can’t even give you all the specific details of the question but guys, trust me, money won’t be the reason that pushed me to leave Twitch ” . According to the information gathered in this sense by the editors of The Verge in the days immediately following the announcement of the Ninja transfer on Mixer, Tyler Blevins would have received approximately 50 million dollars to marry the Mixer cause and leave Twitch.