Fortnite Pocket Manager: Epic Does Not Recommend the Use of Third-Party Apps

Fortnite Store Update

Fortnite Pocket Manager is an application that allows you to check your Fortnite game statistics, purchase items in the store and more. Epic Games, however, has put players on guard, remembering that using third-party apps can be dangerous.

As you can read in the tweet reported at the bottom of the news, Fortnite Pocket Manager has become the Fortnite application of the moment. Once installed on your smartphone, the app requires you to access your Fortnite account by entering your credentials, allowing you to monitor your game statistics at any time, check the progress achieved in the Battle Pass, make purchases in the in-game store and more.

It is an application that can be convenient, but that can also expose you to risks, Epic Games has, in fact, intervened to remind you that the use of Fortnite third-party apps can lead to dangers, such as the stealing of your access data.

On this occasion, therefore, Epic Games recommended that all Fortnite players use only the official applications of the game, as these are equipped with all the necessary security measures to avoid any danger.