Fortnite Season 10: Secret Stars Are Absent Due to a Bug

Fortnite Season 10

As many Fortnite players will be aware, at the moment it is not possible to get the Secret Stars of Season 10 of Royal Battle. Epic Games is aware of the problem and stated that the bug will be resolved with the 10.10 update coming tomorrow.

As seen in the previous season, also in Season 10 of Fortnite you can unlock secret loading screens by completing the various missions of the week. Within these screens, as usual, there is a clue to the location of the Secret Stars. The problem is that – at the moment – going to the places pointed by the clue it is not possible to collect any secret Star.

This happens due to bugs linked to the stars of the battle, Epic Games has confirmed in the last hours. Fortunately, the developers are now aware of the problem and were able to locate it, managing to find a solution. The bug of the Secret Stars, in fact, will be solved tomorrow with the publication of the update 10.10.

Starting tomorrow, therefore, it will be possible to obtain the secret battle stars. Meanwhile, never to be unprepared, on our pages you will find the guides who will explain how to complete missions Road Trip Week 1 and Shoot and Pray Week 2 missions are essential to accomplish to get their secret loading screens.