Fortnite: The New Portal Is Activated! Is Mega Mall About to Disappear?

Fortnite 10

After being spotted by the ever-active community of players only recently, the new portal of the Mega Mall area has undergone an interesting variation, which could anticipate new important changes in the world of Fortnite: Battle Royale.

The mysterious portal, which until yesterday appeared to be completely inactive, has in fact now begun to function, beginning to emanate light. The fact that now the Mega Mall portal is active opens the way to a series of intriguing hypotheses. It is not in fact the first time this has happened: a similar portal had in fact already been spotted previously at the Neoinclinato area. A few days after its activation, the area in question has undergone a complete transformation, becoming Pinnacoli City, a Far West themed area. That something similar is going to happen even in the Mega Mall area? Introduced with Season 9 of the game, the location could eventually disappear or change radically? To find out we just have to wait for further developments and the next Fortnite updates: Real Battle!