Gearbox: “Borderlands 3 gameplay will appeal to both old and new fans”

Borderlands 3 Gameplay

Borderlands 3 has entered the gold phase, so all that remains is to start the countdown waiting for September 13, the release date of the highly anticipated new chapter of the Gearbox saga. Just the developers, to fool the time and make us raise the hype, have returned to talk about the gameplay of the game.

The last incarnation of Borderlands is, in fact, the Pre-Sequel, released in the distant 2014 for the first time, so it is reasonable to think that both the historic fans and a new slice of gamers will be waiting for the third chapter of the series, that maybe they are going to try it for the first time. How will they fare with gameplay?

Anthony Nicholson, the senior producer of the Gearbox game, talked about it: “As for the newcomers to the series, this is a first-person shooter. If you have ever played one, you will immediately feel at home. With the introduction we have done with Claptrap at the beginning of the game, we tried to make the players take their first steps and show them how to play, we want to be sure that, whether you are here since 2009, or playing for the first time in 2019, you can realize that we have given you everything you need to play and enjoy the experience “.

In other words, welcome back home, hunters of the Crypt.