Gears 5: a video explains the map editor for Escape mode

Gears 5: Release Date, Escape Mode and Terminator with Pre-Order

About a month after arriving in stores, The Coalition and Microsoft have released a brand new Gears 5 movie that explains every detail of the map editor for Escape mode.

Although the video in question is rather short, the developers have managed to enclose in a few seconds all the main information of this particular gaming feature. Users have the opportunity to give life to their own levels, freely selecting which enemies to appear in each room, where to place their ammunition stocks and which weapons are allowed. As for the design of the map, the title provides the player with a series of predefined rooms which can be combined to create the various levels but taking into account an indicator that shows the maximum quantity of objects and rooms that can be inserted. To make sure then that the levels do not have any kind of problem, it will be obligatory for their creator to carry them out.

Before leaving you to the movie, we remind you that Gears 5 will arrive on the shelves of all stores starting from next September 13, 2019, only on PC (Windows 10) and Xbox One. All Xbox Game Pass subscribers can download and play the game for free from day one.

Did you know that Gears 5 online cooperative mode will only support 3 players? It also seems that among the Goals of Gears 5 there is also a tribute to Reggie Fils-Aime.