Halo Infinite Will Have More Exploration and Wider Game Scenarios

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Speaking to Game Informer microphones, the head of Xbox Game Studios Matt Booty spoke about what we can expect from Halo Infinite, stating that the game will offer more exploration and wider game scenarios than the previous chapters of the series.

“Halo Infinite is a very exciting project for us, especially if we think about how we are expanding the game world. I don’t want to go further by talking about ‘sandbox’, a term that is often misunderstood and used inappropriately. , is that the team is working to build a bigger world, with more things to explore and with even wider game scenarios. ” said Matt Booty.

During the same interview, as we have already reported on our pages, the head of the Xbox Game Studios also praised the potential of the new SlipSpace Engine, declaring that Halo Infinite will be visually impressive, modern, but at the same time with many references to origins of the series.

In short, Halo Infinite seems to have all the credentials to represent a turning point in the series, introducing several new elements but without forgetting the origins of the franchise. What do you expect from the game?