Microsoft: Double Fine Could Create More Cross-Platform Titles After Psychonauts 2

Psychonauts 2

During the same Game Informer interview that revealed Microsoft’s vision of The Outer Worlds as a franchise, Matt Booty of Xbox Studios explained that in the future Double Fine could develop other multi-platform titles after Psychonauts 2.

Speaking at the microphones of the GI Show, the boss of Microsoft’s Xbox Game Studios has in fact tackled the subject of the acquisition of software houses, and of the exclusive future of Xbox One and Xbox Scarlett, reporting that the strategy of the Redmond house envisages the possibility of creating new multi-platform titles.

In the specific case of the Double Fine studios, and their new video game Psychonauts 2, Booty explains that “I really think so, we’ll do it in the future (multi-platform development, ed .). When I look at games like Psychonauts 2 I think about how it should be on Switch, on PlayStation or more, and if all this makes sense for the franchise, in other words, I wonder if it is a type of game that would benefit from the network effect due to the possibility of running on so many different platforms , or if it is a game that is worth supporting at best on our platforms between Game Pass, xCloud and Xbox Live ” .

Before leaving you to our special on Psychonauts 2 from E3 2019, we remind you that the next, crazy adventure of Tim Schafer will be available on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One during 2020 due to the recent announcement of the postponement.