Nightdive Announces System Shock 2: Enhanced Edition


While we are all still waiting for System Shock 3, Nightdive Studio announces what sounds a bit like a sop, but it will surely please fans of the saga. In fact, System Shock 2: Enhanced Edition is coming, a revised and corrected version of the game, as happened for the first chapter.

Among other things, the studio specializes in projects of this kind, given that it has already produced improved and updated versions of Turok, Forsaken and precisely the same System Shock, a title that launched the career of Ken Levine, author of Bioshock, which was the lead designer.

Not much information has been disseminated other than the announcement, but it should indeed be a “reinforced” re-edition of the classic title, presumably released only on PC as the original. In any case, find the tweet of the announcement at the bottom of the news.

In addition to the Enhanced Edition of the second and System Shock 3 coming soon, a System Shock remake was also announced, which means there are three titles in the series on the horizon. Considering that the product has been shut down practically since 1999, the fact that it is finally back in fashion could make it experience the second youth that its fans expect so much. What do you think?