No Man’s Sky Beyond and Other News Coming out on PS4 This Week

No Man's Sky

While we entered the torrid week of Ferragosto, to provide us with a little relief, at least moral, from the tremendous heat of these days we think about our beloved video games. As every week, in fact, we take stock of the situation on the news coming to PlayStation 4 .

The most important release of the week is definitely No Man’s Sky: Beyond . The title of Hello Games , after a troubled and controversial development, is now a title firmly rooted in the hearts of fans, and with the new expansion, which includes VR support and much more, it is ready to conquer even those who are not yet ‘he tried.

The Ancestors Legacy team real-time strategy is also arriving , set in Medieval Europe, the futuristic combat-platformer Exception , set in a computer system attacked by a virus, and PC Building Simulator, which will allow you to assemble your PC’s dreams without spending a fortune, as unfortunately we would touch in the harsh reality.

Let’s see all the releases of the week on PS4 together:

Tuesday 13 August:

  • Ancestors Legacy
  • Gravity Duck
  • PC Building Simulator
  • Vasara Collection

Wednesday, August 14th:

  • Edna & Harvey: Harvey’s New Eyes
  • Exception
  • Genesis
  • No Man’s Sky Beyond