PT, demo of Kojima’s Silent Hills, turns 5


Five long years have now passed since Hideo Kojima, taking all PlayStation 4 owners by surprise, hid the announcement of his ill-fated Silent Hills in a free demo that took the name of PT

For the uninitiated, it was a brief horror experience with a camera in the first person and in which the player had to retrace again and again a corridor that, at each step, frightened the player with small details and unexpected presences. At the end of the demo, you could see a teaser trailer, which revealed the name of the game and the face of the protagonist, whose features were precisely those of Norman Reedus, the Sam of Death Stranding. Unfortunately, the divorce between Konami and Hideo Kojima prevented the work on the game from continuing and the much-loved demo was permanently removed from PlayStation Store. Such an event created a panic among the fiercest fans of the creator of Metal Gear Solid, who at that time were willing to spend hundreds of dollars on the purchase of consoles with the rare demo installed. Given the popularity of this demo, someone has even tried to create a remake of PT with Unreal Engine 4, downloadable for free on PC.

And were you able to download a digital copy of the scary as well as a precious demo on your hard disk? Please let us know in the comments below.