Xbox Game Pass: Microsoft surprisingly adds a new game, more games to Gamescom?

Xbox Game Pass Officially Available for PC Is Also Included in Ultimate

At the end of July, Microsoft officially presented the list of new games coming to Xbox Game Pass. Apparently, however, there has been some omission!

As you can see in the tweets you find at the bottom of this news, the official Xbox Game Pass Twitter account enjoyed teasing the gamers’ curiosity, suggesting the possible surprise arrival of new games. Well, one of these finally revealed itself: in communicating the landing in the service catalog of the already known Jackbox Party Pack 2 and Space Hulk Tactics, the debut in Where the Water Tastes Like Wine Game Pass was also announced. The game, released on February 2018, was born from a collaboration between the developers of Dim Bulb Games and Serenity Forge

Interesting element, after announcing the surprise entry of this product in the Microsoft service, the Xbox Game Pass Twitter account has not ceased to publish strange tweets. The last of these has in fact transformed the word “Gamescom” into a sort of acronym, using it to reiterate that games and announcements will arrive soon. What will Microsoft have for the service? To know it we just have to wait for the opening of the Cologne Fair!