A PlayStation Meeting in February 2020 Will Present PS5 and Ghost of Tsushima?

PS5 and Ghost of Tsushima

Despite having offered the first details on the technical features of Playstation 5 for some time now, Sony has not yet announced the timing of the console’s launch.

However, a rumor spread during the morning seems to offer details on what will be the promotional campaign linked to the new home console. Some alleged information on an event scheduled for the first few months of next year has found space on both the pages of NeoGaf and those of 4Chan. In particular, we talk about a Playstation Meeting, whose date of execution would have been set for 12 February 2020. The lineup of the event would not yet have been defined in detail, but, the source declares, the procedures for the involvement of major players in the industry would have just begun: in particular, reference is made to the sending invitations to Square Enix, EA, Ubisoft, and Activision. During the Playstation Meeting, it should finally be presented to the Playstation 5 world.

The source of the rumor, which claims to have received information from a former senior marketing manager of Sony Playstation (via an email to the Company’s general marketing managers), does not stop there: it is stated that during the event it will be also shown the testament Ghost of Tsushima. The development, while proceeding well, would have been slowed down by a great effort on frame rate and texture, aimed at favoring the technical upgrades that Playstation 5 will be able to provide.

For now, of course, we invite you to remember that there are no official confirmations regarding what has been reported. To see if what is reported by the rumors, including a new State of Play in November, there is nothing left to do but wait for communications to be part of Sony!