Bugha, Champion of Fortnite, Receives a Visit from the Swats During a Live on Twitch


The 16-year-old Bugha, Fortnite world champion in charge of Solo mode, received a visit from Swats during a Fortnite live broadcast on Twitch. The pro player was the victim of yet another case of “swatting”. Fortunately, this time everything went well.

For the uninitiated, the “swatting” is a joke of bad taste that consists in signaling a false alarm to the armed forces, indicating as target the dwelling of the unlucky guy. Sometimes this kind of joke had a tragic ending like in Kansas, where a man died during a Call of Duty match.

Unfortunately, this kind of joke continues to persist even in the streamer community. Just recently, Fortnite world champion Bugha was the victim of yet another swatting episode, fortunately without serious consequences.

As you can see in the two videos reported at the bottom of the news, the episode occurred during a live Fortnite broadcast on Twitch. At one point, Bugha had to leave the station to get closer to his door, where a Swat team was waiting for him. Fortunately, one of the agents knew Bugha and immediately sensed that it must be a joke or a false alarm, avoiding the brusque intervention of the armed forces.

All is well that ends well. Even if this does not mean that swatting remains an extremely dangerous joke to be avoided by all possible means. You can take a look at twitch video clips here.