DayZ: The Global Version of the Game Will Be Modified to Avoid the Ban of Australia


Only a few days ago, the developers of Bohemian Interactive learned of the decision of the Australian classification agency, which established the ban on selling DayZ within the country.

The choice of the Australian Classification Board involved both the retail edition and the digital editions of the title. In order to cope with this unexpected event, the DayZ development team announced its decision to make some changes to the global version of the game. Therefore Bohemian Interactive will not create an exclusive version for the Australian territory. These are the statements made about it by the software house: ” We do not want to separate Australian players from the rest of the world, as many people play cross-region” .

By virtue of these considerations, the team has opted for the introduction of changes that involve all the areas of publication of the game: ” At the moment – reports a member of Bohemian Interactive – we are modifying the global version of DayZ so that it meets the requirements of the Board. The key objective is to maintain authentic gameplay so that players are not affected by this change. ” However, the software house has not yet specified which specific changes will be made. 

In Italy, DayZ has landed on PS4 during May of this year and is also available on PC and Xbox One.