Frostpunk Console Edition: Release Date on PS4 and Xbox One Announced with a Trailer

Frostpunk Console Edition

The 11-bit studio developer has confirmed that the console version of Frostpunk will be available from October 11th on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The announcement came with a new trailer dedicated to the game: you can see it at the top of the news.

Released on PC April 24, 2018, Frostpunk looks like management with survival elements set in an alternative version of the nineteenth century, where the Earth has been completely covered by ice forcing its inhabitants to fight for survival by gathering in small settlements built-in near the few geothermal sources accessible on the surface.

The console version of Frostpunk will keep all the gameplay elements that characterized the original edition, including all post-launch updates such as those that added Survivor Mode and the unreleased setting of The Fall of Winterhome.

Of course, the reissue of the title will also include a new interface and a control system adapted to the consoles, in order to offer an equally comfortable, fluid and functional gaming experience.

While waiting for Frostpunk Console Edition to make its debut on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on October 11th, we leave you with the new trailer shown at the top of the news.