He Goes to Sell Old NES Cartridges and Discovers a $13,000 Treasure

NES Cartridges and Discovers a $13,000 Treasure

The world of videogame collecting often gives some funny and particular stories, like the one we told you a few weeks ago, of a man who found a copy of the original Kid Icarus sold for $9,000.

We are sure that many of you after reading that news and the one we are about to tell you, have at least thought of going to tidy up your attic in search of some hidden treasure, but unfortunately, it is not so easy to come across some masterpiece of the past forgotten to take dust somewhere.

But that’s what happened to another person in Seattle, who brought in from Pink Gorilla Games, a retail game retailer specializing in retrogaming and import games, an envelope containing old cartridges for NES, among which there was a real and its own collector’s item.

It is a cartridge of Nintendo World Championships, a sports title released on the occasion of the 1990 World Cup, in addition, a golden version that was distributed as a prize to the winners of a competition of an old Nintendo magazine, and of which there are less than 200 copies all over the world.

The shop owner said he found the most boring cartridges in history in the envelope until he saw the last one. The owner was completely unaware of having something of such high value. “I could have had you for like $20. He had no idea!” stated in an interview.

The price was actually $13,000, and the cartridge was then resold 24 hours later to an anonymous buyer who requested not to reveal the purchase amount. We are sure, however, that this was a deal for everyone.

And you? What is the rarest video game you have?