LA Noire The VR Case Files cataloged for PS4, coming to PlayStation VR?


The Pan European Game Information Board has cataloged the PS4 version of LA Noire The VR Case Files, a title currently only available on PC. Is LA Noire’s virtual reality experience also coming to PlayStation VR?

As you can see on the official PEGI website, the European classification body has cataloged LA Noire The VR Case Files for PS4, suggesting that the experience in the virtual reality of LA Noire will be added to the catalog of VR games available for the Sony viewer.

At the bottom of the news, we reported a screen of the official PEGI page, with the entry dedicated to the PS4 version of LA Noire The VR Case Files. On the right is also indicated release date, set for 12 August 2019. Evidently, we are faced with a given place holder, provided that it is not an error.

Since Rockstar has never spoken about a possible PS4 version of the title, we invite you to take the news with pliers awaiting official confirmation. Maybe the announcement could come during the Gamescom 2019 in Cologne?