Microsoft: “We Understand That Xbox Has Iconic IPs like Perfect Dark”

Perfect Dark

After collecting the strong criticisms of that unfulfilled user of the first party products offered during the current videogame generation, Microsoft has rolled up its sleeves by acquiring new studios and starting to plan a more prosperous future for the next Xbox consoles, starting of course from Project Scarlett.

Several studios, such as Ninja Theory, The Initiative, and InXile Entertainment are currently working on projects that are still unknown, and many are hoping that these developers will be able to create new franchises to make the history of the Xbox brand.

The hardcore of the Microsoft community, however, is also clamoring for the return of some of the sleeping series that have already become synonymous with the Xbox in the past. One of these is certainly Perfect Dark, whose return had been rumored a few months ago. Interviewed by Game Informer, Matt Booty of Xbox Game Studios wanted to make it clear that the Redmond giant has not forgotten about Perfect Dark, nor of other iconic franchises of the company:

“On my list, I also have a list of IPs. It is right next to the series of studies we would like to talk about! So we are aware [of owning Perfect Dark], yes. 

In the previous months, it was rumored that the franchise was rebooted, with a new chapter set up as a third-person shooter. In order to carry out such a demanding restoration operation, a study full of enthusiasm needs to take the right initiative, as happened with Killer Instinct first and then the upcoming Battletoads: simply say “Ah, no one has us worked for a while, we can do a reboot “ is not enough from the point of view of Microsoft. Would you like the arrival of a reboot of the Perfect Dark series?