No Man’s Sky Beyond: Some Users Create a Cyberpunk City

No Man's Sky Beyond:

With the new update No Man’s Sky Beyond, coming tomorrow, the curiosity about the Hello Games game has been rekindled, which continues to thrill many players.

And among the players themselves, there are several creative minds that have built some creations within the video game to leave everyone speechless. 

Let’s talk about some of the best-known names among the game community, almost like “professional” builders; like ERBurroughs and JC Hysteria, whose latest creation is a fantastic cyberpunk city named Replicant City.

To build it, a technique called ” glitch building ” was needed, which means that it uses the bugs of the game (who knows what Sean Murray thinks …) to force some parts to stay together, and only to find a place that could support structures so complex it took a week. The choice fell at the end on a desert world with little atmosphere, to avoid overloading the system as would happen in places with a large presence of flora and fauna, for example.

One of the risks of building in this way is in fact the crashes of the game, so, as explained by one of the two authors, we often end up building more than necessary to understand the resistance of the system, to then reduce everything to the minimum necessary for the realization of the idea.

The inspiration, again according to the authors, was taken from Blade Runner and Il Quinto Elemento. Take a look at the video at the top of the news and judge yourself their work. What do you think?