Phil Spencer Returns to the Disastrous Xbox One Presentation

Project Scarlett Will Be the Last Microsoft Console? Phil Spencer's Answer

At the time of its presentation, the Xbox One, which was perhaps the most awaited console on the market given the excellent results of the two consoles that preceded it, was a bit of a disappointment, both for the fans and for those who had worked at the console. Phil Spencer has come back to talk about it years later.

The head of Microsoft’s Xbox division, in 2013 he was vice president of Microsoft Studios and had the role of supervising the development of games on the console. The presentation show, however, seemed to focus mainly on the features that would then be “on the side” for the console, rather than on what really matters to gamers: video games.

“If you go back and look at the reveal, what you see is an event focused on the Xbox as a TV platform. We showed things like Il Prezzo is Right, for example. In fact, I think the first content we showed on Xbox One was a television show ” said Spencer, who then talked about the fact that among the disappointed by the presentation there were also the same employees who had worked on the console.

“If you were an employee of Team Xbox at the time, you were part of a team of thousands of people who worked on the Xbox. But there are very few people to go in front of the cameras and talk on stage, so there may be a division. can you think “why are you saying this? It’s not the product I’m building “, or” Why are we doing it? I don’t think this is what we should do. ” The Microsoft boss then went on to hit the same button:”The feedback we had from the employees, between the said and the unsaid was” We have been working hard for two years on this product, and you go on stage for this event and throw away all the work we have done to talk about the console in a way that does not reflect what his soul should be and what our customers are looking for from us “.

And indeed at the time of the presentation also illustrious guests such as Steven Spielberg and JJ Abrams intervened, but the point is always the same: the machine was not presented immediately as a video game console, but as a new entertainment experience, which not everyone was interested.

Fortunately, when Spencer himself came on stage, the first games began to be seen, even though the first to be shown were the sports titles of EA Sports. Not exactly a success in short, which in fact has also had repercussions on the long term in terms of sales.

We hope the lesson is served when you come back to talk more seriously about Xbox Scarlett.