PlayStation Plus: rumor about the free PS4 games of September 2019

PlayStation Plus: Rumor and Speculation on the Free Games of June 2019

Since last week, the free PS Plus games are available on August 2019 but the next PS4 game pair that subscribers will be able to download in September is already considered. What surprises will the Instant Game Collection lineup for PlayStation Plus subscribers reserve for next month? Let’s try to hypothesize it based on rumor and speculation.

Also in September Sony could continue with the trend undertaken since March 2019, offering two PlayStation 4 games, one of which may be compatible with PlayStation VR, as in the case of WipEout Omega Collection.

One of the first hypotheses for PS4 free PlayStation Plus games in September falls on Electronic Arts games : from Need for Speed ​​to passing through Titanfall 2 and Battlefield 1 Revolution (offered on offer recently for less than ten euros), with the aim of promoting at best the EA Access service, passed rather unnoticed on PS4.

Another interesting rumor concerns Capcom: September will be the month of Monster Hunter World Iceborne and the Osaka house could take advantage of this opportunity to give a game of its catalog as Devil May Cry HD Collection or Resident Evil VII, just to name two of the most interesting.

So far we have mentioned third-party games, but Sony may decide to offer at least one PS4 exclusive produced by its internal studios. The choice could be exterminated but the names of Horizon Zero Dawn Complete Edition or Astro Bot Rescue Mission for PSVR are insistently made.

Many then hope for the addition of Pro Evolution Soccer 2019 to the Instant Game Collection catalog after the sudden removal in July, but in September eFootball PES 2020 and FIFA 20 will arrive on the market, making it difficult to expect a sports game. 

As usual, we remind you that what is reported must be taken with the necessary precautions, since it is only rumor and speculation without confirmation. At this point the ball passes to you: which game would you like to see in the PS Plus September 2019 lineup? The comment space below is at your disposal!