PlayStation VR 2: Rumor Suggests Presentation by the Beginning of the Fiscal Year 2021

Playstation Vr: No New Models Will Accompany the PS5 Launch

The videogame world of Sony has been the subject of a substantial number of rumors spread during the morning of Tuesday, August 13: protagonist also Playstation VR.

In particular, the same source that reported the possibility of seeing the State of Play organized in November 2019 and of being able to attend the presentation of Playstation 5 during February 2020 is also exposed on the theme of the future of virtual reality at Sony. In particular, it is stated that the first steps for the presentation of Playstation VR 2 are currently in progress. Sony would have made new investments in the virtual reality sector, also encouraged by the results of some tests, conducted over the past few months on a prototype of the new model of the viewer. According to the rumor, the top managers of the marketing area are beginning to plan an official presentation of Playstation VR 2 by the beginning of the fiscal year 2021. As usual, we invite you to remember that we are talking about a rumor and not an official confirmation.

Over the last few months, various alleged indiscretions on the future of Playstation virtual reality have found space, with rumors concerning the features and price of Playstation VR 2. To find out what Sony really has in mind, all that remains is to wait for communications from the gaming colossus.