Rainbow Six Siege: Here Are the Teams That Will Compete for $500,000 at Six Major Raleigh

Rainbow Six Siege

Ubisoft has announced that sixteen of the best teams in the Rainbow Six Pro League have arrived in Raleigh, North Carolina, to attend Six Major Raleigh, the first US Major event in the history of Rainbow Six, to be held from 12 to 18 August

Conducted by Alex “Goldenboy” Mendez with the analysis of Ghassan “MiloshTheMedic” Pretends alongside a series of other talented casters and analysts, the competition will include the following 16 teams:

Champion of the Six Invitational 2019

  • G2 Esports (Europe)

Pro League Season IX Finalists

  • Evil Geniuses (North America)
  • DarkZero (North America)
  • Team Empire (Europe)
  • Vodafone Giants (Europe)
  • FaZe Clan (Latin America)
  • Immortals (Latin America)
  • Fnatic (Asia-Pacific)
  • Nora-Rengo (Asia-Pacific)

Winner of Allied Esports Vegas Minor

  • Team Secret (Europe)

Valencia Dreamhack Winner

  • Rogue (North America)

Online qualifying winners

  • TSM (North America)
  • Team forZe (Europe)
  • Team NiP (Latin America)
  • Cyclops Athlete (Asia-Pacific)

Invited team for the host country

  • Spacestation Gaming (North America)

After an intense group stage that will last until tomorrow, August 14, the eight qualified teams will compete in the Major finals for a prize pool of $ 500,000 at the Raleigh Convention Center, starting August 16th.

It will be possible to watch the group stage of the competition until August 14 on the Rainbow Six Twitch channel. For the weekend of the finals, it will be sufficient to connect at 3 pm (GMT +2) on Friday 16 August to watch the opening ceremony, which will be followed by the quarter-finals. The live streaming on Saturday will start at 4.30pm (GMT +2) and will include the semi-finals, as well as a Showmatch. On Sunday, activities will begin at 4.30pm (GMT +2) with the championship’s grand final, the Creator’s Cup Showmatch, which will see the participation of Shroud, and an exclusive panel that will unveil Rainbow Six Siege’s upcoming operation and upcoming updates for the fourth year, both related to the game than to the export panorama.

Every fan who will attend the event will get a Six Major Raleigh pendant in the game and will have the opportunity to participate in some activities, including a special Ubisoft store with a wide range of products, collectibles and exclusive items from the Major Raleigh, stands of exhibitors and export teams, as well as the presence of Ubisoft’s artistic and recruitment team, which will illustrate the more than 1,300 open positions in the company.

For fans who will connect online on Twitch during the weekend of the final, from Friday 14 August until Sunday 18 August, the Twitch Drop is back, which will include six levels of exclusive pendants. More details are available here.