Resident Evil 4: A Player Killed the Man with the Chainsaw … Using Only One Door!

Digital Foundry Analyzes Resident Evil, RE Zero and RE4 for Nintendo Switch

The YouTuber Dante Ravioli has become the protagonist of a bizarre videogame enterprise: defeating the man with the Resident Evil 4 chainsaw … using only one door! The process took around thirty minutes in all.

The man with the chainsaw (which in the game is called Dr. Salvador) is undoubtedly one of the most iconic enemies of Resident Evil 4. Facing it always requires a certain commitment, quick reflexes, and a firm and precise aim … at least until you limit yourself to using firearms.

YouTuber Dante Ravioli, who specializes in completing bizarre-tasting videogame companies, has decided to face Dr. Salvador … using only a door! The basic concept is simple: when you open a door causing it to hit the enemy, it will receive a small amount of damage.

As you can see in the video at the top of the news, Dante Ravioli armed himself with a good dose of patience and managed to eliminate the man with the chainsaw using only one door. The process took about thirty minutes, enough time to inflict enough damage to knock the enemy out. What do you think of this business?