SNES Games Coming to Nintendo Switch? a Patent Feeds Hopes

SNES Games

It has been a long time since the community of fans of Kyoto production has hoped to announce the arrival of SNES games on Nintendo Switch.

So far, no confirmation has been received from Nintendo‘s management, which has not, however, avoided giving brief statements about the old videogame glories. During a financial meeting held in June this year, for example, President Shuntaro Furukawa stated that the Company was considering a possible expansion of the Nintendo Switch Online service to N64 and Game Cube games. 

Now, to further fuel the hopes of gamers who love SNES titles, an interesting sighting comes. In fact, a patent filed by the Kyoto House, relating to a wireless controller, has been identified within the FCC’s databases. The images relating to the latter are inaccessible until February 2020, however, and the only representation available is the one found directly at the bottom of this news. The latter has fueled in many users the hope that this controller could be a clue with respect to a future landing of games of the Super Nintendo era on Switch, accompanied by a dedicated controller. For now, however, we are moving exclusively in the field of hypotheses and the House of Kyoto does not seem to have commented on the hypotheses advanced by the Community.

Waiting for any updates, we point out that the free NES games for August have been recently announced for subscribers of the Nintendo Switch Online service.

SNES Games