Super Mario Odyssey: Mario Is Unrecognizable in a Mod … That Takes Away His Mustache!

Super Mario Odyssey:

Beyond the hat and the inevitable plumbing hold, the mustache represents one of Mario’s most characteristic traits. What would the Nintendo mascot look like without a hair on its face? We can find out thanks to a Super Mario Odyssey mod.

The mod in question, published on the Gamebanana portal, limits itself to removing the mustache from Mario’s polygonal model in Super Mario Odyssey, both inside the game and during the cut-scenes. What does the face of the mustachioed plumber look like … without a mustache? You can see it in the opening movie, where Mario wanders around the worlds of Super Mario Odyssey with his clean face without a mustache.

The famous Nintendo mascot seems to rejuvenate, demonstrating even less than its 24 years. It is really true that the mustache can give a more mature appearance, and it is equally evident – judging by the result of this mod – that a face with or without a beard can demonstrate several years more or less.

What do you think of the final result? Doesn’t Mario look a bit strange without his iconic mustache? Let us know in the box dedicated to the comments, at the bottom of the news.

On this occasion, we remind you that Super Mario Odyssey is available exclusively on Nintendo Switch from 27 October 2017.