The Developers of Unknown Worlds Against G2A: Asked for $300,000 in Compensation


The well-known retailer of the key for G2A games has often come under accusation, both from the developers and the consumers, because of his not too transparent work, which often has been defined as “gray market”.

The latest rumor to hurl against the retailer is that of the developers of Unknown Worlds, authors of games like Subnautica, for example, who have joined the chorus of disagreements asking for as much as $300,000 in compensation to the company.

“Mike Rose is right, it’s better for pirated players than buying a key on G2A(referring to some statements by Mike Rose against G2A, which we reported in the highlighted news, ed .) We paid $30,000 in compensation for the fault of G2A, so if you really want to keep your word, now you owe us $300,000 said Charlie Cleveland, founder of the study.

In the past, in fact, someone bought 1,341 Steam keys for the Natural Selection 2 game, using stolen credit cards, which were then sold right on G2A. Steam naturally deactivated the keys, making it impossible to play even those who had bought them in good faith. The game developers were condemned to pay $30,000 in compensation.

The Cleveland reference is to some past statements of the same G2A according to which they would have reimbursed ten times the value of the money spent for a key if it were shown that the latter had been obtained illegally.

In hand, if G2A really does find itself having to reimburse Unknown Worlds, it owes him $300,000. In short, the game is open, we’ll see how it ends.