The Judgment Kamurocho Almost Indistinguishable from Tokyo’s Kabukicho in These Photos

Judgment: The Position of All Stray Cats in Kamurocho

As seen in the Yakuza series, Judgment is also set in some neighborhoods that actually exist in Tokyo. A photo report compared Kamurocho (the fictitious setting of the game) with its real counterpart, Kabukicho. The result is surprising.

Judgment’s Kamurocho is loosely based on Kabukicho, Tokyo’s famous “red light” district. As expected from the authors of Yakuza, the settings have been recreated with great attention to detail, allowing players to experience “virtual tourism” to all effects.

Going around the streets of Kamurocho, in fact, is a bit like finding yourself in a digital version of Kabukicho. You can breathe the nocturnal atmosphere of the big city “that never sleeps”, with its neon signs and its bright colors.

Returning from a trip to Tokyo, Koch Media Product Manager Namer Merli created a photoshoot in which some views of Kabukicho are compared with the related settings recreated in the game. The photoshoot can be viewed on imgur: as you can see, the work done by Team Yakuza was so accurate as to make the distinction between reality and fiction difficult.

In fact, some Judgment scenarios are almost indistinguishable from their views of Kabukicho to which they are inspired. What do you think?