The Metal Runs Powerful in This Fire-Breathing Nintendo 64!

Nintendo 64

YouTuber BitHead1000 has created a customized version of the Nintendo 64 in full “heavy metal” style. The console has been covered with a metalized shell, and is able to literally spit fire while playing!

In the video at the top of the news, the YouTuber BitHead100 shows us the whole process of making the mod. The console was covered with a metal shell, in order to protect it from the hot flashes produced by the flames. In the front part, obviously, the two nozzles from which the fire comes out have been mounted.

Starting from minute 18:17 you can watch the final result. On the pad, an additional red button has been inserted which, once pressed, activates the spectacular outflow of the flames, worthy of a metal concert.

YouTuber has recovered while playing Banjo Kazooie. Certainly one of the best games ever released on Nintendo 64, even if for the occasion we would have expected to see in action a game more in line with the “metalhead” spirit of the mod. And how not to think of DooM 64, for example?

In any case, the mod made by BitHead100 remains definitely one of the most spectacular and bizarre ever seen on a retro-console like the Nintendo 64. What do you think? Let us know in the comments.