Apex Legends: Furious Users for the Cost of Iron Crown Costumes

Apex Legends: New Patch and Skin of the Legendary Hunt for Octane and Bangalore

The Apex Legends Corona di Ferro event has been available for one day and, in addition to the arrival of the Solo time mode, the game has also welcomed other new features such as numerous skins for heroes and camouflage for weapons.

Unfortunately, however, obtaining these epic and legendary items is almost impossible for players who do not intend to shell out a single penny. By completing all the challenges of the event you can get two chests with random items and, considering that among the 24 cosmetics there are also audio files and frames for the lobby, you can easily guess how hard it is that you can happen to own the skin of your favorite hero. The only solution is, therefore, to shell out a lot of money and buy 24 chests for the price of about 7 euros each for a total of 168 euros. Making the players even angrier is the cost of Bloodhound’s Family Heirloom. The ax of the technological huntress not only requires the unlocking of the 24 objects of the Iron Crown set but also 35 euros in Apex Coin.

In short, this loot box-based strategy does not seem to have convinced the players of the battle royale and it cannot be excluded that starting from the next event things can change.