Apex Legends Iron Crown: new area of ​​the map and Family Heirloom for Bloodhound

Apex Legends Iron Crown

The Corona di Ferro Apex Legends event has just made its debut on PCs and consoles and, unlike what one would have expected, it does not limit itself to proposing only the new “Solo” timed mode.

The Canyon of the Kings has again undergone changes and a new area called Octane’s Gauntlet has now appeared. This is an area that reflects the madness of the Brazilian character, in which you can pick off-ramps and other very special structures. Unlike the Solo mode, which will leave the game at the end of the event, Octane’s Gauntlet is a permanent modification of the map.

Obviously, there is no shortage of loots to unlock for the personalization of the characters and, unlike the Legendary Hunt, this time Respawn has used an approach that in some ways resembles what was seen in Rainbow Six Siege. In fact, the event has themed chests that cannot contain duplicates and can be purchased in various ways that include completing event challenges and buying with the new game currency: the Crown. In case you do not spend all the crowns you have earned in these two weeks, know that the amount in your wallet will be converted into creation metals.

Players who manage to acquire all 24 items in the collection will have the opportunity to spend their Apex Coins and get their hands on Bloodhound’s Family Heirloom, which is a beautiful Ax. Just like Wraith’s Kunai, this object changes the melee attack animation but doesn’t make it stronger. At the end of the event also this second Cimelio will become part of the possible loot box drops and it will be possible to find it with certainty in a box every 400.

The developers finally announced the arrival of a weekend of double experience points. Starting at 7:00 pm on August 16th, 2019 and ending at 7:00 pm (GMT +2) on August 19th, placing yourself in the top 5 or winning a match you will receive double XP for both the profile level and the Season Pass level.