Batman and WB Montreal: Canceled a Game With Damian Wayne? Concept Art Popping up on the Net!


We return to talk about the relationship between Warner Bros Montréal and the character of Batman: in fact, some concept art related to an alleged canceled project appeared online.

From the pages of the 4chan portal, a rumor spread in which the software house would have worked for a certain period of time on a new Batman game, known internally as “Project Sabbath”, but the development would have subsequently been interrupted. In support of its claims, the anonymous source shared a series of concept art, which we report directly at the bottom of this news.

The user also provided some details on the planned plot for the project. The new game would have marked a change of pace with what was seen in previous titles related to the Dark Knight: the protagonist would not have been Bruce Wayne, but the young Damian Wayne. The first Batman would have been present anyway, even if by now very old. Project Sabbath would also have included a more adult version of Dick Grayson and several of the historic enemies of the Gotham City universe. According to reports, the game would also boast the implementation of a system similar to the Nemesis System seen in the productions of Monolith Software. 

As usual we invite you to remember that we are talking about a rumor: currently, the actual activities of Warner Bros Montréal are shrouded in mystery. Recently, it has returned to talk about a possible return of Batman and various rumors seem to focus on a project inspired by the saga of the Court of Owls: that Gamescom can be the right opportunity to find out what is at work on a team?