Daymare 1998: The Story Trailer Reveals the Release Date on the Italian Horror PC

Daymare 1998

The digital forges of the very Italian Invader studios churn out a new video game of Daymare 1998 to reveal the date of PC launch of this horror adventure born as a remake of Resident Evil 2 but evolved to become a stand-alone project, with a story and of the original gameplay mechanics.

The Story Trailer that stands at the beginning of article focuses on the figure of Sam, one of the user-interpretable characters in this epic of dark colors populated by zombies and demonic creatures, and allows us to set the next September 17 the launch date Daymare 1998 on PC. Starting today, August 14, it is possible to download the demo on the Steam page of the title to get a taste of the thrilling experience that awaits us wearing the role of agents of the special departments HADES Sam and Liev, the latter embellished by dubbing by Paul Haddad, the voice of Leon Kennedy in Resident Evil 2.

The narrative plot drawn up by the Italian authors of Invader Studios will take us inside a secret research center to investigate an incident that threatens to transform the entire human race into a horde of undead and deformed creatures. To the history of Daymare 1998 we will be able to approach ourselves with three different points of view, through which multiply the hours of play and open new narrative and playful crossroads in the management of the equipment and in the strategies to be adopted to get the better of the monsters that rage for the secret installation.

Without delay, we leave you at the Daymare 1998 Story Trailer and look forward to hearing about the official launch date on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One of this ambitious survival horror action-packed horror movie.