Dead Cells: New Free Update Who’s the Boss?

Dead Cells

Those of you who know and appreciate Dead Cells have surely learned to come to terms with its retro and rather a ruthless system: no checkpoints, and high level of challenge. Unfortunately, however, this system can be frustrating, especially for novice players.

So here is the fourteenth free update of the game, called Who’s The Boss? , introduces a system that should help players take boss measurements and then tackle them with greater awareness.

According to the developers in fact, often you get to face a boss without having time to familiarize yourself with his deadly moves, thus ending up dying almost immediately, having wasted maybe an hour of play to get there.

With the new update instead, six new enemies have been introduced, each modeled on the characteristics of the bosses in question (a sort of reduced version of them), which will appear just before the stage where they face the powerful enemy.

This new type of enemy has a more powerful attack variation than its larger counterpart, so players can begin to get comfortable with this move and then try to avoid it when it comes to facing the boss.

The update also brings with it seven new weapons, and will probably arrive by the end of August. In the meantime, you can take a look at the developer video at the top of the news.