Fortnite Leak: Skins, Emotes, Picks and Backpacks of the 10.10 Update

Fortnite New Skins

Punctual as ever, Fortnite’s data miners have managed to find the new cosmetic objects hidden among the files of the 10.10 battle of Epic Games. Let’s take a look at the skins, picks, backpacks and emotes coming soon in the game.

Even if these cosmetic items have been found among the files of the new Fortnite 10.10 update, that doesn’t mean we will see them all coming into the game. Probably some of them will soon appear in the store, others will arrive later, while others may never see the light.

As you can see in the image gallery at the bottom of the news, the new cosmetic items discovered in Fortnite update 10.10 include new skins(Freestyle, Recon Ranger, Fennix, Shifu, Oppressor), new covers (Red Plastic, Angled Fire), new backpacks to wear (Exo-Spine, Kunai Shield, Backbeat, Banner Shield, Foxpack, Detonator) and new picks to use during games (Spikeclone, Plasmatic Edge, Wisdom’s Edge).

At the bottom of the page, you can also see the new emotes in action (Moon Bounce, Very Sneaky, Distracted).

Speaking instead of the other innovations introduced with the 10.10 update of Fortnite, we remind you that the update has made available the secret stars of Week 1 and 2, previously impossible to obtain.