Fortnite: New Release Date for Patch 10.10, That’s When the Servers Will Go Offline

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As you well know by now, the update to version 10.10 of Fortnite Battle Royale should have been released this morning but, due to some unspecified technical problems, it has been postponed until its publication.

If you are therefore among the players of the battle royale eager to find out what news will be hidden in the next update, know that you will have to wait only a few hours. At August 14 at 4 AM ET (0800 UTC), Fortnite Battle Royale’s servers will go offline and you can start to start downloading the patch on your PC, console, and smartphone. Epic Games has not yet announced what time the game’s servers will return online, but the maintenance operation should last at most a couple of hours. 

It is not to be excluded that among the main new features of version 10.10 there is the arrival of the Red Strike Package of Fortnite in the game shop and of a new “bubble” style Pinnacoli City on the game map.

Waiting to find out everything, we remind you that the developers of the battle royale have advised against using Fortnite Pocket Manager, an app that could be dangerous for the security of your data.