Greedfall Is a GDR Born to “Fill the Void” of BioWare, According to the Developers


In an interview published on the pages of Escapist Magazine, the managing director of Spiders Studios, Jehanne Rousseau, says he is certain that the GreedFall project will be able to satisfy all GDR action enthusiasts who, in some way, are been disappointed by BioWare.

Citing the authors of the historical series of Mass Effect , Dragon Age and Knights of the Old Republic , but also of the last and controversial sci-fi Anthem, the CEO of the French development company says that with GreedFall “we are not trying to make a game that can replace what BioWare did, but we want to fill that void in some way “ .

“We can’t really deal with them” , adds Rousseau before pointing out that “we don’t have teams and budgets of the same size but we really try to create games of that kind, which we love so much. We hope that GreedFall likes GDR fans and that fans of BioWare’s roleplaying masterpieces have fun playing GreedFall”.

The marketing of GreedFall is scheduled for September 10 on PC, PS4 and Xbox One. The new project of the transalpine authors known for their action RPGs such as The Technomancer , Bound by Flame and Mars War Logs will remain in the same playful path traced by the previous works of the Spider studios to project us into a fantasy world on the theme of colonization of the Americas in the 17th century by the European powers.