GTA 6 for ps5 and Xbox Scarlett: New Leak on Setting, History, Villain and More

GTA 6: Could the First Teaser Trailer Be Published in 2019?

We know how Rockstar Games knows how to put information about its titles down, yet the Reddit user has published a post in which he reveals several of the features that the game could contain. Of course, since this is an unverified source, we recommend that you take with the pliers what is shown below (should it prove to be founded, the leak could also contain spoilers on GTA 6).

According to the rumor, the game will take us to visit different cities in different historical periods. As a drug dealer with Hispanic origins , we will have to trade drugs in the Liberty and Vice City of the 1970s. At some point in the story the protagonist will end up in prison and, once out, here is that the 80s have now begun.

In addition, it is revealed that the title will host a co-op system thanks to which we will be able to face certain missions in the company of friends, while the main antagonist , known as “The Mexican”, will be strongly inspired by Anthon Chigurh of “It’s not a country for old men “, acclaimed 2007 film directed by the Coen brothers. We also discover that within the trusted group of the protagonist of the game there will be a mole that is part of the FIB (the fictitious version of the FBI) and that the real online multiplayer sector will be set permanently in the 1980s.

At the moment Rockstar Games has not yet communicated anything official about GTA 6, so we advise you to take the news again with due caution. What we know at the moment is that the software house is secretly working on two next-gen open-world titles, which could respond to the names of Bully 2 and the same GTA 6.