MediEvil: Sir Daniel Fortesque Is Stretching His Bones in the New Behind-The-Scenes Video


The fearless bony hero of MediEvil is preparing for the big comeback on PS4 with the new behind-the-scenes video published by Sony to show us some new gameplay scenes taken from Remaster by Other Ocean Interactive.

In the video, the Californian developers tell us about the work done to actualize the contents and the playful experience of the iconic adventure starring Sir Dan and the monsters following the evil wizard Zarok, the unconscious craftsman of his return to the living (or rather, among the undead).

In this new edition of PlayStation 4, the highly anticipated return of MediEvil will be accompanied by a complete reformulation of the graphics sector, with high-definition textures, advanced particle effects, new animations for the character and creatures of Gallowmere and the possibility to go as far as to 4K on PS4 Pro.

The release of the remastered version of MediEvil is scheduled for October 25, strictly exclusive to PS4.