Need for Speed, New Reboot? Ea Erases All Traces of Old Chapters on YOUTUBE

Need for Speed, New Reboot

Very little is left to the official revelation of the new chapter of the historic automotive series of Need for Speed, with Electronic Arts that has set the world live date for today, Wednesday 14 August at 16:00 (GMT +2).

In preparation for the announcement, EA has made some strange changes to the official YouTube channel of the series. As reported by the most attentive fans, the US publisher has deleted all traces of the old chapters of the franchise, and even the videos of the most recent Payback and Need for Speed ​​(2015) are no longer visible in any way.

It is natural to wonder, therefore, if the series is going to face a new reboot operation, the second in the same videogame generation. It would seem at this point excluded a sequel to Payback, but not necessarily the repechage of the Underground sub-series, which remained in the heart of all the historical enthusiasts of the franchise.

We just have to wait for today, Wednesday 14 May to finally find out what Electronic Arts has in store for the future of Need for Speed. For now, we know for sure that this new iteration will be published by the end of 2019, as previously confirmed by the company. What do you expect? Would you welcome a new reboot? Let us know yours by taking advantage of the space dedicated to comments.