Nintendo Harshly Hits YOUTUBE Channels That Share the Music of Its Games

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It is nothing new that Nintendo is particularly concerned about safeguarding its copyright. Now some YouTubers also know that they have shared the music taken from the games of the great N: the Kyoto house has contacted them to warn them that their contents have been blocked.

In fact, it is illegal to share the music and soundtracks taken from video games on YouTube, even if you do not intend to monetize them. In practice, however, the vast majority of publishers and developers tend to turn a blind eye to the matter, considering the return in terms of visibility that these shares can bring.

Nintendo, however, does not appear to be of this warning. As you can see in the tweet reported at the bottom of the page, the YouTuber GilvaSunner (whose YouTube channel has over 340 thousand subscribers) has been overwhelmed by numerous e-mails sent by Nintendo, in which it is notified of the block on its contents due to infringement of copyright. The videos incriminated and then removed, of course, contained music and fragments of soundtracks taken from Nintendo video games.

The Kyoto house is blocking and removing all the videos that contain music taken from its games, starting from the channels that recorded the most views. The BrawlBRSTMs3 channel has even been completely closed.

Apparently, Nintendo has started taking these measures since the release of Fire Emblem: Three Houses, with the company, determined to deny illegal sharing of excerpts from the game. The action is continuing like wildfire for all the excerpts from his games.