No Man’s Sky Beyond: Here Are All the News on Vr, Multiplayer and Gameplay of Version 2.0


Three years after the launch of No Man’s Sky and after several updates that have contributed to significantly improve the graphic and playful offer, the controversial Hello Games sci-fi adventure officially enters phase 2.0 with Beyond, the new free update available today on PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

This is confirmed by the same English authors captained by the volcanic Sean Murray through the diffusion, on the pages of the official site of NMS, of the notes of what can be safely considered as the most important patch ever published for Hello Games sci – fikolossal.

As anticipated by the same Murray, in fact, the interventions made by the Guildford developers concerned every single aspect of the work, from the optimization of the graphic section to the possibility of using the contents already available in a completely new way through the support of virtual reality on PC ( Oculus, Index and Vive ) and PlayStation 4 with PS VR .

Summarizing the encyclopedic list of improvements, additions, and changes made by Hello Games with No Man’s Sky Beyond is almost impossible, given the huge amount of new features that accompany this update. Wanting to mention the main ones, in addition to the VR we report the introduction of new multiplayer activities connected to the Nexus Hub (which will replace the Space Anomaly) with “lobby” by 8 players on consoles and by 32 on PC , the reformulation of history with the entry of dozens of new missions, the expansion of construction and base management functions also through the use of logic and electricity, the increase in the richness of biomes, alien flora and fauna, the addition of recipes (with the possibility of raising, riding and milking alien animals!) and the updating of the galactic map and the catalog of research carried out by its digital explorer.

At the bottom of the article, you will find the link to the official website of No Man’s Sky, through which you can scroll through the cyclopean notes of the Beyond update that brings NMS to version 2.0 on PC, PS4 and Xbox One.