No Price Increase for Consoles: Trump’s Duties Slide in December


Through the pages of, the US federal government agency responsible for international trade relations confirms the postponement in December of any discussion of import duties on goods from countries and organizations such as China, Russia, Japan, and the European Union.

The new intervention carried out by the upper echelons of the UDF on the advice of the Trump Administration aims to block duties for certain consumer products such as mobile phones, laptops, computer monitors, certain types of toys, footwear, clothing and, of course, video game consoles . 96% of gaming platforms sold in the United States, in fact, are imported by the Asian giant, hence the importance of the tariff freeze and the danger of a general increase in the prices of video games, consoles and accessories.

The aggressive commercial policy announced (and partially implemented) by the US President predicted in fact an additional rate of 10% (or even 25% , in certain cases) on about 300 billion dollars of goods imported from China: the postponement to December 15 of the date on which the provision should become effective for these products, therefore, leaves ample room for maneuver for an agreement that allows a further postponement of duties on goods such as consoles.

In any case, the climate of uncertainty fueled by these sudden changes in strategy by the US federal government is causing a great deal of discontent among the sector’s players and the main players in the videogame industry, so much so as to induce Sony Microsoft and Nintendo to unite to launch an appeal to the Trump Administration to save video games from the crossfire of trade warfare, with threats of additional duties, between the US and China.